Home Again – February’s Blu-Ray Releases

Welcome to Home Again, where each and every Tuesday I’ll be running down some of the best genre releases coming to home media.

All info is from the excellent Blu-ray.com. This isn’t every genre release, just the ones I find interesting. For the full list, follow that link.


The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2018) – Sony Pictures – From the director of the 2013 Evil Dead, Fede Álvarez, this new installment of… uh, The Girl series looked awesome. I was excited for it, but it came out at a busy time and I never got to the theater to see it. I haven’t heard anything, but Álvarez’ name alone is enough to get me to buy it.

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) – Paramount Pictures – Released last year as a post-Superb Owl surprise, this sideways installment in the Cloverfield series wasn’t received very well, but I liked it. If you’re looking for some weird, mind-bending sci-fi that takes itself more seriously than a SyFy movie but not as seriously as, say, 2001, then you might enjoy this one.

I’m not saying buy it, but maybe give it the chance you never did back then.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018) – Universal Studios – Phantom, Jr. and I mostly loved this one. You can check out my review here.

There are lots of different editions available today, including:

*4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray/Digital


*Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/Digital

*Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray/DVD/Digital

*Walmart Exclusive Blu-ray/DVD/Digital w/16 Postcards

*Target Exclusive Blu-ray/DVD/Digital w/Book

Queens of Scream Triple Feature (1997-2007) – Mill Creek Entertainment – For just over five bucks(!) you get I Know What You Did Last Summer, Vacancy, and When A Stranger Calls. I don’t even particularly care for the first title, but I’d pay five bucks for it. Add to that the latter two, which are actually pretty good movies, and this is a crazy deal.

Higher Learning (1995) – Sony Pictures – What is HIGHER? What is LEARNING?

I thought this movie was so amazing when it came out. While it hasn’t aged particularly well – it is firmly rooted in the 90s and might actually be hard for younger audiences to relate to – the messages seem even more relevant today than they did then. Which is weird, because even in 1995 it felt a little dated to think that racism and sexism could be as big of a concern as they are in the film.

In 2019 it seems much more realistic. We should probably figure this out.

If you are interested in purchasing this, good luck. Amazon has been putting the brakes on Sony’s reissues for some reason and there aren’t many places you can go to just buy things like this the day they come out. Fry’s and FYE are about it and they aren’t always on top of things, if you can even find what you’re looking for.

Mermaid: Lake of the Dead (2018) – Shout Factory – THIS AIN’T YOUR MOMMA’S LITTLE MERMAID! could be the tagline.

I know absolutely nothing about this. The synopsis is that an evil mermaid is trying to lure a guy to her undersea kingdom of death and the guy’s fiancé has to save the day. It sounds great, but if the talent and budget aren’t there it could be a big bowl of corn.

Greedy (1994) – Universal Studios – I remember liking this when it came out, but I don’t remember it well enough to know if I’d still like it or not. It stars Michael Douglas as an aging millionaire who is testing his family to see who deserves to inherit his fortune. Spoiler: they’re all shitbags.

Michael J. Fox is his usual charming self as a guy who gets dragged into the situation. Nancy Travis plays Fox’s girlfriend and you know she’s always great. And WOW I just looked at the rest of the cast and it’s super strong – Phil Hartman, Ed Begley, Jr., Jere Burns, Colleen Camp, Mary Ellen Trainor, Kevin McCarthy, Khandi Alexander, Olivia d’Abo, and Kirsten Dunst.

I just preordered this one. I’ll let you know how it holds up.

You Might Be the Killer (2018) – Screen Media – Alyson Hannigan will always be a draw for me, but “conceived on Twitter” will not.

That’s not to say the movie will be bad. It’s a solid concept – camp counselor calls on horror nerd friend for help when people start dropping dead. Plus Keith David is sort of in it as “Sheriff James – (Voice)”.

Star Trek: The Stardate Collection (1979-2002) – Paramount Pictures – This set includes everything from The Motion Picture through Nemesis for a great price.

I’m not going to get into the quality – or lack thereof – of the films, but I will say that if you need more than a couple of them in your collection, this set is less than fifty bucks and a deal. These seem to be the loaded Blu-ray editions that Paramount has reissued a few times, though The Wrath of Khan Director’s Cut is not included.

Check back next week for more horror, sci-fi, and whatever else grabs my attention!

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