Needless Things Podcast 358: Toys, Food, & Wrestling with Joe Shoes


Joe Shoes is a jack of all trades – pro wrestler, toy collector, and connoisseur of fine fast foods. Check out his YouTube channel for all matters of taste.

On this week’s episode Dave talks to Joe about everything from opening toys to vomiting live on YouTube to making memorable wrestling characters!

Check out Joe’s match on FWF LIVE!

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Procrastibate” by 

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Audible Interlude: A GI Joe Podcast 2-APR-2021


Knowing is half the battle and fun is the other half! We’re recruiting you to listen to this monthly podcast hosted by three lifelong Joe fans.

Our mission is to look at every era of GI Joe from the classic 12″ Joes to today’s modern Classified Series. From toys to comics to cartoons, the A.I. Pod is there! Yo Joe!

Music by Andy Samford

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Be sure to join the Needless Things Podcast Facebook Group and get in on the conversation for this month’s episode! Let us know what you think!