Halloween 2018 – The Horror Movies of 1988

There are so many great things about this time of year. One of the best is the ability and excuse to sit around and watch horror movies all month long. I wish tv channels had this kind of programming all year. I do have diverse tastes, but I also can’t think of a genre that I like better. Maybe sci-fi or fantasy comes close, but it’s always been horror that tops the list. Many of my favorites came from my formative years. I’m not going to try and say that they’re all good movies. Some of them are downright bad, but I’ve never been one to let popular opinion sway me. 1988 is an excellent example of the wonderful and the awful coming together to make a crazy year of horror movies. Join me for a look back at what I think are some of the most memorable (and terrible) scary movies to come out of 1988. Continue reading “Halloween 2018 – The Horror Movies of 1988”

Halloween 2018 Toy Review – Savage World Horror from Funko

It looks like Funko has found the next action figure format to go completely bonkers with.

Their initial launch of Mortal Kombat characters didn’t exactly excite me, but once they added Conan, Thundercats, these horror icons, and most recently a crazy assortment of DC Comics characters; I had to consider myself a fan.

I suppose these horror figures are sort of divisive. If you’re a fan of weird stuff and different takes on or mash-ups of things you love, these are great. If you’re a stuck-up sourpuss that hates fun, they probably aren’t for you. Continue reading “Halloween 2018 Toy Review – Savage World Horror from Funko”

Halloween 2018 Horror at Home – October’s Blu-Ray Releases

While Halloween has been underway since early September for some of us, October is the official start of the spooky season for many. One of the easiest and most fun ways to get into the right frame of mind is by sitting down with a big bowl of candy corn and your favorite adult beverage to enjoy some scary movies and TV shows!

Every Tuesday in October I’ll be running down some of the best spooooky releases coming to home media.

To find out what’s coming this week, read on! Continue reading “Halloween 2018 Horror at Home – October’s Blu-Ray Releases”

Halloween 2018: The Horror of John Carpenter

Sometimes it’s hard for me to define the idea of “favorite”.

Any day of the week I could claim that John Carpenter is my favorite director. He directed my favorite movie – Big Trouble in Little China – and is responsible for many other films that I consider “must-haves” and have bought multiple times in various formats. Movies that I can’t say I like because I adore them. I watch them annually (or more) and devour each minute because, in my eyes, they’re cinematic perfection.

I don’t feel this way about all of Carpenter’s films, though, which is what drove me to write this post.

There are a few films in the Carpenter library that, for one reason or another, don’t work for me. I don’t consider most of them bad by any stretch, they just don’t connect with me the way the ones I love do. And I can’t think of another director whose work I’m so divided about. For example – I’ll watch Escape from New York any time. It’s excellent. But I find Ghosts of Mars to be so bad that I can’t even get through the whole thing for my occasional “It can’t be that bad” revisit.

What I’m going to do today is run down John Carpenter’s horror films and how I feel about them and maybe why some seem so perfect and others seem far from it. Obviously I could write entire articles about each movie regardless of how I view them, so I’ll keep these brief. Also, I’m not covering everything Carpenter has directed – just his theatrical horror releases. They Live isn’t included because to me it’s science fiction with horror elements. The Thing, on the other hand, is the inverse of that.

Your opinion may differ. If so, I encourage you to start a website and write a post about John Carpenter. I’ll read it. I promise. Continue reading “Halloween 2018: The Horror of John Carpenter”

Halloween 2018 – “Spooky” Podcasts to Try

no sleep

Throughout the month of October I spend a lot of time reading creepy books or watching scary movies. Just because you have to sleep sometimes doesn’t mean that you should stop enjoying the Halloween-time excitement. Podcasts are trying to keep you up at night, and some of them are doing a pretty damn good job. I’m not saying that straight audio will ever replace a good movie, but it’s almost as good as reading a book. If you haven’t been giving any of the many, many horror/paranormal podcasts a try this is the month to do so. I’m going to run down a few of the best for you today. Not all of them mind you, I have strict rules about what we listen to at bedtime. Loud laughing and fluctuating volume are a hard no for me when I’m trying to sleep. I also just can’t get into the fiction podcasts that the husband formerly known as Mr. Tibbs seems to love. One thing I like about the podcasts on my list is that it doesn’t matter if I fall asleep because most of them have short stories, and I assume that if I fell asleep during a particular story that it was probably for the best anyway. The serialized fiction has to be paid attention to. If I didn’t have other things to listen to on the way to work it might be different, but as it stands I just can’t devote that much attention to anything else in my life. Continue reading “Halloween 2018 – “Spooky” Podcasts to Try”