TV Review – 19 Thoughts About Doctor Who 11.1


I’ve been a massive fan of Doctor Who since I first saw it in 1983.

There have been times when I haven’t loved it as much, and times when I’ve thought it was the best thing ever. But regardless of how I might have felt about any current iteration, I’ve always loved the franchise and its history.

The 2005 revival made me very happy, despite my expectations to the contrary.

A few years after the return I joined the Earth Station Who podcast to have bi-weekly discussions about the franchise with a wonderful crew. I appeared on over a hundred episodes, participated in panels at various conventions, and fairly early on launched my own Needless Things Podcast.

Eventually toxic fandom and what I perceived as a decline in quality (of Doctor Who, not of ESW – we were still fantastic) led to my amicable departure from Earth Station Who.

To keep things brief – I loved Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, but absolutely nothing else about the show. I started to lose interest around the end of Matt Smith’s run and to this day I wish he’d had the opportunity to work with a different showrunner. The same goes for Capaldi.

But I don’t want to belabor that.

It’s a new day (yes it is) and we have a new Doctor in Jodie Whittaker and a new showrunner in Chris Chibnall. I went into season 11 (40, actually, by my count) hopeful about the future of the franchise.

Am I still hopeful? Read on. Continue reading “TV Review – 19 Thoughts About Doctor Who 11.1”

2018 Fall TV Mini Preview

Welcome to the new Needless Things!

As I write this I have no idea how far along the transition will be. Consider this a soft relaunch. A longer post explaining why things had to change and where all the old stuff went is coming, but not today. For today, we talk about the wonderful world of television!

I love TV and it’s a cornerstone of my entertainment world. Right now it’s better than ever, with dinosaur networks duking it out with hungry and daring streaming services; with new creators and the audience at large benefiting from an industry-wide revolution.

Eventually things will level out and we will hopefully be able to streamline our services and spending a bit more, but for now the New Fall Season is upon us, so let’s take a look at all of the stuff that is personally interesting to me! Continue reading “2018 Fall TV Mini Preview”