Halloween 2018 TV Review – 14 Thoughts About The Haunting of Hill House


I have found that the best way to enjoy TV shows movies comic books everything is to avoid any mention of them on the internet.

Obviously as someone who writes about such things I don’t think that’s good advice for you, but I try to stick to it as much as I can for myself.

I went into The Haunting of Hill House with very little knowledge of this particular adaptation. I think I read Shirley Jackson’s novel when I was in high school, though I don’t remember it well. I’ve seen both the 1963 and 1999 film adaptations. They’re very different and I enjoy them for different reasons, but the older one is the superior film.

If I’m being honest, my main reasons for being excited about and watching this series are Mike Flanagan and Carla Gugino.

I’ve been a fan of Gugino ever since seeing her in Son in Law, though she really became one of my genre favorites in the Cinemax film, She-Creature (I could write a whole other post about those weirdo AIP re-imaginings and the related action figure line). After that she became a regular fixture in films like Sin City, The Unborn, watchmen and Sucker Punch (which I still have unresolved feelings about).

As for Flanagan, he did two things that impressed the heck out of me – he created an excellent sequel to a shitty movie with Ouija: Origin of Evil, and he successfully adapted a Stephen King novel. And not just any novel, but Gerald’s Game, one that is basically a single protagonist tied to a bed for days straight. Obviously if you’re going to tie someone to a bed, you’re gonna want Carla Gugino.


But in all seriousness, those two working together produced absolute cinematic magic, and I was up for more of the same, especially with a longer format and a larger cast to interact with.

Did the show deliver on the promise implicit from Flanagan’s past, smaller scale projects? Read on. Continue reading “Halloween 2018 TV Review – 14 Thoughts About The Haunting of Hill House”

Halloween 2018 Horror at Home – October’s Blu-Ray Releases

While Halloween has been underway since early September for some of us, October is the official start of the spooky season for many. One of the easiest and most fun ways to get into the right frame of mind is by sitting down with a big bowl of candy corn and your favorite adult beverage to enjoy some scary movies and TV shows!

Every Tuesday in October I’ll be running down some of the best spooooky releases coming to home media.

To find out what’s coming this week, read on! Continue reading “Halloween 2018 Horror at Home – October’s Blu-Ray Releases”

TV Review – 19 Thoughts About Doctor Who 11.1


I’ve been a massive fan of Doctor Who since I first saw it in 1983.

There have been times when I haven’t loved it as much, and times when I’ve thought it was the best thing ever. But regardless of how I might have felt about any current iteration, I’ve always loved the franchise and its history.

The 2005 revival made me very happy, despite my expectations to the contrary.

A few years after the return I joined the Earth Station Who podcast to have bi-weekly discussions about the franchise with a wonderful crew. I appeared on over a hundred episodes, participated in panels at various conventions, and fairly early on launched my own Needless Things Podcast.

Eventually toxic fandom and what I perceived as a decline in quality (of Doctor Who, not of ESW – we were still fantastic) led to my amicable departure from Earth Station Who.

To keep things brief – I loved Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, but absolutely nothing else about the show. I started to lose interest around the end of Matt Smith’s run and to this day I wish he’d had the opportunity to work with a different showrunner. The same goes for Capaldi.

But I don’t want to belabor that.

It’s a new day (yes it is) and we have a new Doctor in Jodie Whittaker and a new showrunner in Chris Chibnall. I went into season 11 (40, actually, by my count) hopeful about the future of the franchise.

Am I still hopeful? Read on. Continue reading “TV Review – 19 Thoughts About Doctor Who 11.1”

2018 Fall TV Mini Preview

Welcome to the new Needless Things!

As I write this I have no idea how far along the transition will be. Consider this a soft relaunch. A longer post explaining why things had to change and where all the old stuff went is coming, but not today. For today, we talk about the wonderful world of television!

I love TV and it’s a cornerstone of my entertainment world. Right now it’s better than ever, with dinosaur networks duking it out with hungry and daring streaming services; with new creators and the audience at large benefiting from an industry-wide revolution.

Eventually things will level out and we will hopefully be able to streamline our services and spending a bit more, but for now the New Fall Season is upon us, so let’s take a look at all of the stuff that is personally interesting to me! Continue reading “2018 Fall TV Mini Preview”