Phantom on Ghost

A couple of years ago my friend Dana tried to share the band Ghost with me.

I wasn’t having it.

I don’t know which songs she played, but the high-pitched, timid vocals and the orchestral prog-not-quite-but-sort-of-metal that seemed to drone a bit didn’t click with me. Dana did her best to explain that they were a showy, theatrical band that was aping the conventions of Catholicism.

I still wasn’t having it. It just didn’t get me. Or rather, I didn’t get it.

I don’t think that was the first time I had attempted to appreciate Ghost, but it was the first time there was more than a casual effort. I had listened to or watched the first thirty seconds of several songs over the years.

Fast-forward to this past April and the release of the first single from Ghost’s 2018 album, Prequelle – “Rats”.

Everyone I knew was going bonkers for this song. I was well aware that many of my friends were fans of Ghost, as every time they came through Atlanta there were countless pictures and videos of their admittedly impressive-looking live shows. But there was an extra level of enthusiasm for this new song and video. So I had to check it out.

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Needless Things Minicast Episode 1 – Ghost: Prequelle

Dave West, Ryan Cadaver, Nicole Gould, and Dan Kelly sat down in the Phantom Zone a few months ago to review Ghost’s newest album, Prequelle. It wasn’t a full episode, so welcome to the first-ever Needless Things Minicast!

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Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

Because I am a big chump obsessed with music and collecting things I resumed collecting records a few years ago.

I’ve owned records all my life, as my dad had an extensive collection and that’s where I first started to discover music that you could take home as opposed to listen to on the radio. I started collecting in earnest in the early 90s when I discovered  punk and 7” records were a big thing.

In 2009 our house flooded and I lost a huge number of irreplaceable items – records that were signed, limited editions, whatever. There was a copy of Wesley Willis’ album Rock n’ Roll Will Never Die that I had gotten signed by Willis at a live show before he, ironically, died. Obviously I can’t ever replace that.

So in 2009 I stopped buying vinyl. It’s hard to lose that much unique stuff and start over. Especially since I had mostly accepted the idea of digital music at that point.

Then, a few years ago, I heard about this thing called Record Store Day.

That could be a whole other post, but suffice it to say that one thing led to another and now I’m collecting records again.

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Movie Review – Bohemian Rhapsody

Movies about the lives of some of our most famous musical acts have been around for a long time.

We’ve had Gary Busey play Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story in 1978. Lou Diamond Phillips Played Ritchie Valens in La Bamba in 1987. Dennis Quaid was Jerry Lee Lewis in Great Balls of Fire in 1989. Jennifer Lopez became a household name for portraying Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in Selena. Jamie Foxx won an Academy Award for portraying Ray Charles in Ray in 2004. Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for an Academy Award for portraying Johnny Cash, and Reese Witherspoon won an Academy Award for portraying June Carter Cash in Walk The Line in 2005. These are just a few of the plethora of movies about musical icons. We’ve had great ones and not so great ones – looking at you VH1 (although I will admit I liked the Meat Loaf and Def Leopard movies; the VH1 movies could be an article all by themselves).

Just this past Friday, November 2nd 2018, we had the newest movie come out to this impressive field. Bohemian Rhapsody starting Rami Malek, best known for his starring and Emmy winning role of Elliot Alderson in Mr. Robot.

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Needless Things Podcast 236 – A Needless Halloween

Join Dave, Beth, Rad Ranger, and Derek Tatum for a look at the past, present, and future of their Halloweens!

What makes this time of year so special to the Needless Things crew and what do we do to celebrate? In this episode the Irregulars look back at their costumes through the years and determine when and if trick or treating was no longer appropriate. As we grow older, we have to find different ways to celebrate, and the Irregulars are going to share how to keep things spooky when you’re old and decrepit!

PLUS! Check out the new HOWLOWEEN single from Philadelphia, PA’s Shewolf Dana Kain & the Mighty Incisors – “Bump in the Night”!

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Listen in as Beth, Dave, Derek, and Sean give out all treats, no tricks on this episode of the Needless Things Podcast!

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Needless Things Podcast 233 – Let’s Get Spooky!

The Halloween season has officially begun at Needless Things!

It’s the season to focus on the creepy, spooky, and macabre, and Dave has got you covered with special guests Ryan Cadaver, Salena Balls, and RT Ewell discussing all of the things they do to get in a Halloweeny frame of mind!

Movies, music, and of course hitting the stores for crazy costumes and spooky décor are all part of the season.

Listen in as the Needless Scare Team fills you in on the most fun ways to get into the spooky this year!

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